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Friday’s Letters 7.0

Dear blog– Please forgive me for neglecting you all week.  I can’t believe I haven’t done a single post.  It’s not that I didn’t WANT to.  You’ll just have to trust me on that one.  I’m hoping you and I get to spend more time together next week.
Dear fellow bloggers– Has this ever happened to you?  I have been so busy this week that not only have I had a limited amount of free time, but in that free time, I haven’t been able to come up with anything interesting to write about.  I’d call it “writer’s block,” or better yet “blogger’s block,” but it is so much more than that.  “Thinker’s block,” possibly.  How do you combat this if and when it has ever affected you?  I don’t want to fall of the face of the blogosphere every time I have a stressful week.  Any and all suggestions would be welcome and appreciated.
Dear Hub– OMG.  All I wanted to do was curl up next to you this morning and not move.  You are so comfy.  I’m sorry I fell back asleep when you went down to make our coffee.  And thank you for sending me a text (“Get up.”) to wake me back up.  It worked. 
Dear Liam– First soccer lesson this weekend!!!  Aren’t you so very excited?  If not, I’m excited enough for the both of us!  I promise you’ll have fun Bubs.  I can’t wait to see how well you do!
Dear Collin– I see dat wittle toooof poppin’ through doze wittle gumz!  I’m rootin’ for ya, Monkey!
Dear 80 degree weather that is on its way– Everything is better when you’re here.  Everything.  Never leave me.
Dear Mom– It was so nice spending time with you and AK last weekend.  Thank you for everything: the pictures, the lunch, the dress, the company.  I had such a good time!  You’re the best!  I love you!
Dear Bri and Alex– Can’t wait for a little girl time with you tonight!!!  Such a treat!  Let’s pretend like there’s no one else in the bar but us! 
Dear Friends– Have a wonderful weekend!  Make it just what you need.  Whatever that may be!

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The Oh Shit, I’m Pregnant Show

We had returned from our first vacation together about 2-weeks prior, and we had just moved into our new 2-bedroom apartment.  
It was a Wednesday and we were about to tuck in for the night.  
We had a little “scare” and I took a little “test.”  No biggie, right?

So, the conversation went something like this:

Me: [Walking out of the bathroom, nodding] I’m definitely pregnant
Him: [White as a ghost] Wow!
Me: [Shrugging] Are you ready for this? (I may have been asking myself this…?)
Him: [White as a ghost] Ummmm, as I’ll ever be.
We laid in bed for the next hour staring at each other, alternating between smiles and tears until we fell asleep. 
We called our families the next day.  I didn’t know it was going to be like that.  But we did.  And everyone seemed so happy for us.  “We’re having a baby.”
I remember being kind of numb.  Not that I didn’t want all of this eventually, but it just hit me all at once how much everything was going to change.  
We weren’t even engaged at this point. 
Were we going to get married?
What were we going to do about insurance?  
Were we going to stay in this little apartment?  
Would we be able to make enough money to support our baby?  
What about us?!
He took me on a weekend getaway 10-days later and proposed to me at sunset. 
He had a ring made with a diamond my mother saved for me.  
He promised himself to me, and I promised myself to him.
 That night was one of the most special moments of my entire life.
We I My mom and I planned our wedding in a matter of 3 months!  How’s that for git er dun?
We were married on November 10, 2007 at a bed and breakfast resort in Frederick, MD. 
I was 5-months preggo!  
Now, when I tell Liam about our wedding, I will ALWAYS tell him “You were there!!!”

It wasn’t perfect, but it perfection.  It wasn’t sequential, but it was in our own time and way.  
I LOVE our story, as I said, and I could never have imagined it would become my life.  
Not in a million years.  
How lucky am I?  
How lucky are we all?
Who has found love in the most extraordinary of ways?
I’d love to hear!! 
It’s when you least expect it… isn’t it?  😉 
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On my mind this Monday

My hub is on my mind today, like most days.  I hope to get a second to tell him how much he means to me.  I try to tell him everyday, in one way or another.  A text, a kiss, a hug… an actual “thank you.”  I feel a date night brewing.  Date nights are SO important for any couple, but especially a mom/dad couple.  Nights away from the babe are critical in order to plug some romance, some spontaneity back into the connection.  What if, just for tonight, we weren’t co-parents? We were co-people? You be a man. I’ll be a woman. That’s all.
My boy is ALWAYS on my mind, but especially recently.  The poor thing is going through a awful phase right now… I think they call it the ‘terrible two’s.’  There has been no hitting or kicking.  No throwing or spitting.  No screaming or tantrums.  None of the things {I thought} were classified under the term ‘terrible two’s.’  Instead, Bubba is an emotional wreck.  He has always been a VERY sensitive child (much like I was and am ;)), but lately, all he wants to/can do is cry.  And it has me totally lost/heartbroken, frustrated/drained.  I suppose this is a natural thing for both child and parent.  It’s a test of the relationship, and it will only increase understanding and togetherness (at least that is my hope).  But in the midst of it, I’m feeling overwhelmed.  I turned to my wonderful mom, Karen, for support, and she simply told me: “Just love him.”

Yeah…. she’s pretty great!

School!  I came into work today to find out that I Aced this semester to the tune of a 3.85 GPA.  Good enough (I think) to keep me on the Dean’s List.  And so, yeah, this makes me happy.  Being an almost 30 something with a husband and kid at home (I would say family, but husband and kid sounds a little more daunting, doesn’t it?!), it has not been easy to keep up with my degree.  But I am working off of sheer will-power here, people.  Pure gusto.  Earning my degree falls in line right below my family on my list of priorities.  Sorry work, you didn’t make the cut… even though I need you.  Okay, so I’ll give work #3 on my list of importance/daily attention…
Finally, and last but NOT least, my Aunt Rosie, who is my Great Aunt (both generationally and complimentary) is heavy on my mind and in my heart. She has been in a nursing home for 5-or-so-years now, and had a stroke last week.  This was not her first stroke, but thankfully, it will be her last.  Her closest family members (my Great Uncle Lloyd and her sons, Larry and Irvin) decided to take her off meds, oxygen, and food, and simply let her pass.  She made it clear that this is what she wanted.  She has said for years now that she was “ready to go,” but her body just wouldn’t give up on her.  I was able to see her yesterday.  I was able to tell her how much I love her, how much she has always meant and will always mean to me, and I was able to kiss her goodbye.  I’m so thankful for that opportunity.  And I am begging the powers-that-be to take her peacefully, gently and soon.
It is so important to stay close to those special people in your life.  To tell those whom bring you joy just that; that they make you happy.  It is important to live in love rather than try to impose your love upon others.  Let the way in which you carry yourself speak louder than words ever could.  And lastly, look in the mirror and get to know yourself.  It begins and ends with you….

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Holiday Spirit

It’s been about, oh, six years or so since I have participated in a holiday decorating ceremony/ritual/party/job (all of the above). 

When I was little, I remember being so excited to adorn the house in Christmas apparel. Karen (my mom) would pull out her absurdly large collection of Christmas decor, and she would lay it all out on the family room floor for my brother and I to admire.

Let’s get one thing straight here… this was no ordinary stockpile.  Over the years, Karen had built up an impressive assortment of any and all types of festive doodads.

And I’ll be damned if I wasn’t ready to Christmafy every nook and cranny of that house.  Once those ornaments and doohickeys were splayed out in front of me, it was game on.  This was SERIOUS.

My brother Mike and I would scamper around the house embellishing window sills, end tables, bookshelves, televisions, counter tops, railings, bathrooms, bedrooms, porches, door knobs, tissue boxes (yes!).  You see, Karen had a “thing” with Christmas.  She still does…. 

…and consequently, so do I.  Though I didn’t realize it until recently, when it was time to orchestrate my own holiday decorating extravaganza, I have inherited my mom’s Christmas cheer.

We put up our first Whitfield tree a couple of weekends back.  It is just the perfect piece of eye candy to get me in the holiday spirit.  Scott (my dad) and Bren (my hub) put the tree up and strung the lights.  Karen (momma) and Liam (my baby boy) helped hang bulbs and ornaments and bows.  And before I knew it, it was brightening everything around me, inside of me, through me.  I had forgotten… just how much significance decorating carried.  How much the decorations meant.  And most of all, how much I absolutely love sharing the process with my family.

Mom— Thank you for passing on your holiday enthusiasm to me.  I love you, and your crazy obsession with tissue box covers!

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