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Friday’s Letters: 2.0

Dear World–  Kony 2012 
Dear Today Show–  Thank you for allowing Jason Russell to come on your show this morning and confront the public scrutiny he is facing for trying to rally the troops and do something spectacular.  That man radiates peace.
Dear Blogosphere– I absolutely adore you.  Not only do you provide me with an outlet to express myself openly, honestly, and creatively, you also supply me with SO many wonderful blogs and bloggers to read and enjoy.  It’s truly inspirational for me to be able to connect with people I don’t even know, just by reading their daily/weekly posts.  Because let’s face it… that is what life is about!  Human connection!   
As a side note, I’m finally hitting my stride (I think) in terms of finding my niche 
and my voice in this viral community, 
and I am looking forward to seeing what continues to 
manifest from my blogging efforts.
Dear PINTEREST!–  Even though you make me want to be a professional cook, a model, a photographer, and a designer,!  And you are good for the connection thing too… just on a little bit more of a superficial level.  I’m okay with that so long as you provide me with mindless distraction from the monotony of my job.  
Dear Job– Thank you for being boring and for allowing me the freedom to indulge in other parts of my life that I love, like my family and my schoolwork.  And blogging.  And pinterest.  Facebook… meh… over it.
Dear Facebook– Although I love posting pictures on you, you are quickly becoming my least favorite social media platform.  I am not willing or able to part ways with you, but if you want a bigger spot in my life, something has to change.  I miss us.
Bubba (aka- Liam)
Dear Liam and Collin–  
Keep shining baby boys!  
Momma loves you to the moon and stars and back, 
with no imaginable end.   
Puppy (aka- Collin) chillin’ with his big bro  😉
Dear Husband–  I am soooo looking forward to spending all day Tuesday with you. –random day, i know-  An entire DAY without children.  No babies crying no toddlers begging.  Just me and you.  Let’s just lay in bed and hold each other and cry ourselves to sleep.  I love you, my lover.
Dear Mom–  Thank you for being such a wonderful person.  I know there have been times you wanted to ring my neck, but I love you endlessly for refraining from doing so.  It is so admirable to watch you step up to the proverbial plate to be there for those you love.  I know how much Aunt Kathy needed you this week, and you didn’t skip a beat.  You never do.  
Dear Body–  All 175 pounds of you!  You are perfect.  Go on with ya bad self!  
Dear Friday–  Your only purpose is to propel me into the weekend.  Okay, and to give me a day where I convince myself that my otherwise daily bowl of oatmeal can justifiably be replaced by a [healthy but insanely delicious] breakfast burrito.  I guess you’re alright afterall.
Dear FRIENDS!-  Have a marvelous, stupendous, beautifully perfect weekend… whatever that means for you.


Kony 2012

If by chance you haven’t yet seen the Kony 2012 video that is spreading like wild-fire online, it is just below.  Please take 30 minutes to watch and listen.  
This is so important!   

Not only will these efforts help to catch Joseph Kony, the #1 International War Criminal (learn more here), but this encourages global unity on the basis of PEACE, not war; LOVE, not hate; HARMONY, not division.  

This is such a pinnacle moment and such a poignant movement, but only if we as a collective people believe it is possible.
I believe!!
Do you?
You can read more about Kony 2012 and pledge your support here.

I know that most people have seen this by now, but if somehow my blog reaches someone who hasn’t, then posting this is worth the redundancy.  The point is to remember this guy; to not let his heinous crimes fall to the wayside of daily superficial life.  
Let’s not let that happen.  
Like Jason Russell (the director and voice of the video) said, if this were one of MY children, you better believe I would be exhausting my efforts to stop this man.  I would stop at absolutely NOTHING. 
And so, the time has come for humanity to unite and take a stand against injustice.  
A FOLLOW UP POST (for informational purposes)

Kindly and with faith~