About Me

Find me at Smile at a Stranger.  It a blogger blog and is my main blogging platform.

I am pushing 30, ladies and gents, and I love it!

I am the mother of two studly little BOYS!   I’m head over heels for them; that goo-goo-ga-ga kind of love.

I am still trying to figure out the key to monetary success.  I suppose, for me at least, I place little correlation between happiness and money, and those two factors in life grow further and further apart with each passing day.  I may never come to a place of full understanding about how to make tons and tons of money because that is not my goal in life.

Happiness is what drives me.  Plain and simple.

There may be an occasion or two where I use this blog to totally gush about my children and my husband.  You see, it’s just that… well… they’re amazing.  I have a hard time considering myself unlucky with them in my life.

I blog because a.) I love to write, b.) I have a lot on my mind and a lot that I want to share, and c.) I love to write.  Besides a living in a general state of bliss, writing is my dream.  It is where and how I feel most comfortable expressing myself.

Lastly, I don’t like bragging about myself, and therefore I normally avoid talking about myself all together.  I hope this blog helps me be a little bit more of the extrovert I know is living somewhere inside of me.


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